Digital Marketing

Not being mobile responsive is about to cost you traffic

In their next update Google will begin to take into account if a website is mobile friendly. It’s just one of the metrics that Google uses to rank sites and will be introduced from April 2015

How to promote a call to action on your WordPress site

Need some ideas to ensure that your message gets across? In this post I look at two tools we regularly use to promote the visibility of a call to action.

Do you run a location based business?

Apple’s tool to claim and managed your listing on their mobile map service is now available in Australia. Here’s a quick summary for Australian businesses

WordPress SEO: a tool to manage your keywords

For a while now we’ve wanted to solve this problem. You’ve got an SEO keyword strategy for your WordPress site but how do you store the keywords and keep then handy when you write?

Melbourne’s new domain name is live

Melbourne’s new domain name is now available. What is this? Why would you be interested? Read on for all the details and where to get your hands on a .melbourne domain name.

Content Marketing for the uninitiated

If you’re new to the term content marketing this blog post is for you. Take a few minutes to get yourself acquainted and learn about benefits to your online business.

Blog like a journalist: writing ideas from WordCamp Auckland

At WordCamp Auckland I attended a session with Bill Bennett a journalist from New Zealand, he shared some simple tips on writing style that bloggers can benefit from.

Breathe new life into your WordPress site: start blogging

This is the final post in our 3 part series: Breathe new life into your WordPress website. The idea of the series is to provide you with some simple ideas that are easy to implement.

Lead generation for your WordPress based site

What’s your approach to lead generation from your WordPress website? In this post we look at a few ideas to get your lead generation appetite going. This is part two in our Breathe new life into your website series.

3 ideas to breath new life into your WordPress website

It’s hard to be constantly coming up with new ideas to keep your website fresh, in this 3 part series “breathe new life” we present a new idea in each part that might be worth considering for your project

Take a fresh look at Mailchimp (and your eMail marketing!)

Mailchimp has recently updated its tools to provide better support for mobile devices and new tools for the layout eMail content, read on for more details!

New domains names are here!

It’s been a long time coming but from late 2013 onward somewhere around 1,000 new domain name suffixes will be available, check out this post for a quick update and how it affects you.