Got your digital marketing strategy set for the holiday season?

Keen for some digital marketing tips to promote your WordPress site and your business in general? Check out this post for the best resource we've seen this holiday season.

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I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this.

You can tell by listening to the radio, wandering through your local supermarket or perhaps on the drive home after sundown.

Christmas is coming!

For many, your business might be in the business to business space. Perhaps this means that your coming up to a holiday and a well earned break. If however you’re a retailer or like one of our clients, a Christmas specialty website – Christmas and the holiday season is big business.

So it’s time to sharpen up your online strategy to do the best you possibly can over the holiday season. If you are a B to B operation then don’t go to sleep just yet, some of the tips coming up might well serve you well too. Perhaps not so much over Christmas but certainly in the new year.

Mailchimp’s holiday season tips

The resource I’m sharing today is from the people at Mailchimp. In fact many of the DMA clients use Mailchimp, it’s our go to eMail list tool. You may well have received the holiday season tips directly from Mailchimp. Just in case you missed it or didn’t have time to read it, it’s worth bringing it to your attention as the ideas presented are very good.

The resource has 100 different ideas. Tips and marketing angles that may strike a chord with your business. It’s true, some of the tips are Mailchimp slanted, keen on educating you about their service. Don’t be put off by that, there’s a log of gold in there too.

Some of them are obvious like setting last shipping dates for Christmas orders, other take advantage of high foot traffic through retail stores – encouraging vistitors to your physical store to sign up to your eMail list. And many many more in between.

Grab yourself a coffee and a notepad and start browsing for ideas: here is the link.

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