Digital Marketing

Google Analytics 4 Migration

In this article we look at the migration to Google Analytics 4. Specifically how we’re going to be helping our clients make the move.

au direct registrations - domain names

AU Direct Registrations: Australian Domain Name News

Changes are coming this March to the au Domain Name Space. This article explains AU Direct Registrations in detail.

How to create a QR code that’s trackable in Google Analytics

Learn how to create a QR code and track it in Google Analytics.

Content grouping in Google Analytics

In this article, we explain how to get content grouping in Google Analytics up and running. Then how to use the new grouping filters in the GA interface.

Google Analytics Goals

WordPress and Google Analytics: getting started with goals

Get started with goals in Google Analytics. In this blog post there’s a quick explanation as to what they are, then a step by step guide to build your first goal.

How To Get Feedback From Your Readers – WordPress Comments

Writing on a blog without any kind of feedback from your visitors is hard work. In this post we encourage you to keep at it with some ideas on how to promote your readers to comment or share your work.

How to efficiently manage your small business blog

WordPress blog management tips, specifically for small business or users that are time poor. In this post I’ll introduce you to the idea of setting up a publishing system around WordPress. Share your content via eMail and Social Media – get it in front of as many eye balls as possible!

New domain name options coming in Australia soon

The rules for .au domain names are set to change with the latest announcement that direct registration of second level domain names in Australia is coming. If you own a domain name ending in .au you should be aware of these changes.

Got your digital marketing strategy set for the holiday season?

Keen for some digital marketing tips to promote your WordPress site and your business in general? Check out this post for the best resource we’ve seen this holiday season.

Tracking marketing data with WordPress

Learn what campaign tracking is and why you should be interested in it. Then read our full tutorial that will get you all the know how to use the concept for your WordPress site.

The time to be mobile friendly is now

Google’s April update is now live. Preferential treatment is now given to mobile responsive sites. In this post read about some about some of the first real world results of the change.

It’s time to stake your claim for a new domain name

I’ve written about the opportunity in the new domain names before. Now though Australians have specific names like .sydney and .melbourne that are available for registration. Read on for a general update and why it’s worth considering new domain names for your business.