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Our team of WordPress experts regularly publish WordPress focused articles as well as covering tips and tricks for SEO and digital marketing.

Network Edge, Full Page Caching is here for our WordPress managed hosting customers

Network edge, full page caching is now available for our Managed WordPress customers.

WordPress computer vision

Computer Vision & The Future of Image Cropping

The internet has been abuzz lately the recent popularisation of emerging AI services like ChatGPT. We don’t want to just jump on the waggon but we have been testing a simple but exciting new tool which we think will provide a lot of value to our clients.

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WordPress Managed Hosting, what makes it so different?

An quick explanation: the difference between Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting

Global Map - WordPress CDN

Should I be using a CDN with my WordPress website?

What is a CDN and how do we utilise it to make your WordPress powered website load as fast as possible?

WordPress SASS - coloured paint rollers

Building WordPress powered sites with SASS

Not all WordPress sites are created equal. Learn a little about how we style WordPress sites to make a high performance site that is great to maintain over time.

Mona Vale Beach Sydney

New Domain Name Options for Australian Businesses

It’s a few months since the big changes in the Australian domain name system. Have you registered a “.au” direct domain name? Now sure what that is? Read on!!

structured data - WordPress SEO

Enhancing your SEO with JSON-ld

Embedding JSON-LD structured data on your WordPress website can improve your SEO and visibility in search results. It provides search engines with a better understanding of your website’s content and context, resulting in improved search engine rankings.

WordPress Performance Tuning

WordPress Performance: a checklist of things to speed up your website

Got a slow WordPress site? Get an understanding of the key areas where WordPress can be optimised to ensure fast load times for visitors.

WordPress Google Analytics

Get your analytics inside your WordPress dashboard

Our favourite Google Analytics plugin, now it’s called Monster Insights has seen lots of new features lately. We love the ability to show WordPress users Google Analytics data right inside the dashboard.

Schema meta data: an introduction and how it benefits your WordPress website

SEO changes like the wind. In this article get yourself up to speed on how Google is extracting information from websites, to help it understand what your content is about. Schema meta data (sounds nerdy!) is worth understanding and implementing on all WordPress sites.

Google Analytics 4 Migration

In this article we look at the migration to Google Analytics 4. Specifically how we’re going to be helping our clients make the move.

au direct registrations - domain names

AU Direct Registrations: Australian Domain Name News

Changes are coming this March to the au Domain Name Space. This article explains AU Direct Registrations in detail.