Breathe new life into your WordPress site: start blogging

This is the final post in our 3 part series: Breathe new life into your WordPress website. The idea of the series is to provide you with some simple ideas that are easy to implement.

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This the third and final instalment in our blog series “Breathe some life back into your website”.  The idea being that we wanted to present some simple ideas that can help our clients get re-invigorated with their WordPress websites.

As the title says: start blogging!

If you’re not already adding regular content to your site this is probably the easiest thing you can do to bring some life back to your WordPress site. Google loves fresh new content, so as well as being interesting and current for your visitors it will help your search engine optimisation efforts.

More than likely your website is already setup with a blog or news section so there’s probably nothing to be installed or configuration required to get a start on this one.

Like anything else it’s a discipline to keep publishing content on your site, here are some quick ideas to help you get started.

Get others inside your business involved

Many of our clients have a stumbling block when trying to get started on this one, particularly with this questions: what should I write about? Talk to other people inside the business, start listening to conversations with fresh ears – there really is blog content everywhere.

For example take a situation where a custom service team answering questions day in day out. Often in a situation like that you’ll here things like “I get the same questions all the time, when will they learn!”. Right there, is a content opportunity. Take those pain points, the questions that every customer calls in with and write the answers in your blog.

Talk to your customer service team, perhaps even get them to draft some of the content. From their perspective they’d be happy if just one person reads it and consequently does not have to call and ask the question.

It doesn’t have to be all about you

Why not look at content that is relevant to your industry that’s in the wider news or current affairs. Take the opportunity to express an opinion about that. Perhaps how it affects you, your customers or others in the field that you work.

Use your blog as a mini soap box to publish your ideas

linkedinThis is a good opportunity to add to your profile and become known in the field that you work. If you use LinkedIn and have a lot of contacts within your industry, share this kind of post with your network. Your blog now becomes relevant to them, all of a sudden you’re top of mind with a much larger network of people.

Make your life easy, schedule content

In our regular webinars I often talk about scheduling posts, if you’re pushed for time this is a great way to work. The idea is that you find some time perhaps even just once a month and during that session write a number of blog posts that you then schedule for the next period of time. WordPress will automatically post the content based your schedule.

schedule content in WordPressCreate a post in the normal way but instead of clicking Publish when you’re done, use the edit button next to Publish immediately and from there choose the date and time that you’d like the post to published. WordPress will do the rest when the publish date arrives.

Regularly content, easy!

This post is part of a 3 part series: breathe new life into your WordPress website. Be sure to check out the other two posts here.

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