WordPress SEO: a tool to manage your keywords

For a while now we've wanted to solve this problem. You've got an SEO keyword strategy for your WordPress site but how do you store the keywords and keep then handy when you write?

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We have become a lot more focused on providing WordPress SEO solutions for our clients during 2014.

For a long time our approach was education; running regular SEO webinars to help our clients understand how to DIY the search engine optimisation in their websites. With the launch of our SEO and Content Marketing Service AssistantPress.me we’re now able to take a much more pro-active approach.

If you’ve attended one of the webinars you’ll know that a key part to your SEO strategy is to research and use a stable set of keywords. We do the same things for our WordPress sites and we found the remembering and storing of the keywords to be a bit of a pain in the neck.

So, we built a WordPress plugin to solve the problem.

SEO Workmate: a plugin for WordPress

What does it do?

It’s very simple really but solves a problem that we felt needed solving. There are two parts to the plugin. First of all you visit the settings page and make keyword groups. You can make as many as you like and give them names to reflect what they are. Think: primary keywords or location based keywords etc..

Once you’ve configured this, next time you are working in the WordPress editor the plugin will show you the keywords right there below the editor. Check out the screenshot below.

WordPress SEO plugin SEO Workmate

No more pieces of paper, no more updating others who write for your website or blog on new keywords that you’re wanting to focus on. It’s all there right where you are working.

How to get it?

It’s being launched this week via our plugin brand HelpForWP.com. It will be available for a licence fee of $US15.  However for DMA clients we’re more than happy to install it into your WordPress site with no licensing cost. Let us know if you’re interested and we can have it installed for you.

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