Digital Marketing

Marketing your location specific business in the digital world

By Peter Shilling / October 10, 2013

Businesses that operate from a specific location can and should do more to ensure that they’re available when potential customers are trying to find them – read on for my experiences while on a short break last weekend

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MailChimp iPad App

By Peter Shilling / September 21, 2013

MailChimp is our email marketing tool of choice. We were very happy to see this week that now there’s an official iPad app that has many features including the ability to work offline. Check out this post for more information.

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Tools we use: Help Scout eMail

By Peter Shilling / June 9, 2013

This is the first post in a short series sharing how we run our business and in particular some of the online tools that we use. In this post we focus on our eMail support system

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New domain names are coming

By Peter Shilling / May 13, 2013

Change is coming to the world of Internet Domain Names (addresses like New names are being approved at the moment with the possibility of being available for use over the next 12 months.

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10 Proven Ways to Build a Website that Customers Will Love

By Peter Shilling / May 10, 2013

I came across this blog post today, if you build sites or own one then it is definitely worth a read! Some really good ideas on how to maximise the return from your website

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Your WordPress website – is it working for you?

By Peter Shilling / April 15, 2013

Every week there is new report or set of analysis that demonstrate that online commerce is growing, as a website owner you should be thinking “How much of that am I seeing”? Read on for some opinions….

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How safe is your password?

By Peter Shilling / April 2, 2013

Login to your web site with a simple to remember password? Make sure it isn’t simple for hackers to break as well! Check out this quick tool to check how strong your passwords are.

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Another online profile to manage?

By Peter Shilling / October 15, 2012

An update on Yelp and the new Map app for iPhone and iPad devices. It’s live and is starting to have an impact on location searching. Here’s a walk through of how your customers are using this technology.

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Google AdWords Certified Partner

By Peter Shilling / August 16, 2012

The DMA is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and can set-up and/or manage your AdWords campaigns to get maximum results from your online marketing.

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Yelp matters Australia: here’s why!

By Peter Shilling / August 7, 2012

Yelp is about to become much more popular in Australia, if you own a location based business (read: restaurant or shop or accountant in North Sydney etc..) you need to get familiar with Yelp now!

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Google Authorship: a solution for WordPress

By Peter Shilling / June 20, 2012

We’ve released a new WordPress plugin to help you integrate your Google Profile and your WordPress website.

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Responsive WordPress Design

By Peter Shilling / March 26, 2012

We’ve produced a number of responsive WordPress sites this year, learn why this new approach is so important

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