Melbourne’s new domain name is live

Melbourne's new domain name is now available. What is this? Why would you be interested? Read on for all the details and where to get your hands on a .melbourne domain name.

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We’ve been following the release of new domain names over the past couple of years. It certainly been a long slow process to have new working top level domain names.

Earlier this year I write this post “New domains names are here!” – in that post there was some information on the generic domains that were released. Suffixes like .photography, .clothing etc.. There’s quiet a list of those that are not available for registrations.

Melbourne’s new domain name

This news this week however is about Melbourne’s own top level domain name .melbourne. It’s been launched this week and is now available for registration.

We’re going to see more of these city based domain names over time; it gives local businesses and identities to register something unique. There will be competition to be sure; imagine owning something like – there’s a website / business idea just there!

There is already some live domains operating; Melbourne Festival’s new online home is – cool huh?

How to get a .Melbourne domain name

There is a number of Australian domain name registrars that are supporting the new domain names; Net Registry and Melbourne IT both have registrations available. Check out this page on the website for details on registrars.

Why should you care?

Well if you don’t live, work or run a business in Melbourne you probably don’t care that much. These new types of domain names do give you more options when looking to brand and setup a new website. For example, a local business “Ron’s Cafe” might find that it’s hard to find a domain names that is still available for their website. Now there’s the extra option of registering something like RonsCafe.Melbourne – it’s short and descriptive of the business.

For business or brands that operate in a particular city, in this case Melbourne – this is well worth a look.

Watch the introductory video

For more inforation check out the site Live.Melbourne

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