It’s time to stake your claim for a new domain name

I've written about the opportunity in the new domain names before. Now though Australians have specific names like .sydney and .melbourne that are available for registration. Read on for a general update and why it's worth considering new domain names for your business.

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domainnamesIn a previous life, I lived and breathed domain names. It’s an old habit to keep an eye on the industry particularly as it sees amazing changes of late. Over the past twelve months the internet landscape has seen long awaited changes with the introduction of many many new top level domains. For those with an interest it’s hard not to behave like a kid in a candy store.

And while the opportunities are there to be had I can’t see that familiarity with these names domain names has really taken off. So let me play my part. If you’re new to the whole shebang I’ll explain.

What is a domain name ?

It’s the Internet address that you use to access different kinds of services online. is ours. For many years there was basically two different kinds of domain names. Generic domains that were available for international use: things .com .net .org. Then there were domains that were allocated for specific counties. These ended in a country code. .au for Australia, .uk for the United Kingdom etc..

From the late 90s to more recent times there were a few minor changes but on the whole things didn’t change much. Particularly from the perspective of the general public. The end users. Starting a business, starting a website and needed an internet address. If you lived in Australia you’d start with .au if your desired name was not available there you might try to find the equivalent in .com.

The new frontier

You might thing it’s a bit strange using terminology like that but believe me, like there were prospectors in the push to develop many lands, there are developers who invest in domain names. Consider this: if you secure or you will be able to sell it in the future.

The point of this article is not to convert you to prospecting on domain names. Instead it’s to make you aware of the opportunity for your business. If you’re in the music industry you might like to secure your name in .audio, or your business runs out of Sydney you like like to secure a name like Think of the branding of a restaurant called Joe’s – would be perfect. It’s short and it’s memorable.

The list of new domains is staggering. Both what is available already for registration but also what is coming up. Check out a registrar like They have a really good search tool that allows you to easily find domain names that might be of interest. View their pricing page here as well as cost it shows an updated list of new names that are available.

How much should you pay?

Most of the new domain names are available for around $17 – $50 USD for a one year registration. Like all domain names they need to be renewed every year at the same kind of cost. The cost is not high.

Good luck  colonizing your corner of the inter-webs.

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