WordPress Performance

In this section of our site you will find tips and tricks to tune up your WordPress site. A fast site is important to keep users engaged but also to enhance your search engine optimisation.

Network Edge, Full Page Caching is here for our WordPress managed hosting customers

Network edge, full page caching is now available for our Managed WordPress customers.

Road Scene

WordPress Managed Hosting, what makes it so different?

An quick explanation: the difference between Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting

Global Map - WordPress CDN

Should I be using a CDN with my WordPress website?

What is a CDN and how do we utilise it to make your WordPress powered website load as fast as possible?

WordPress SASS - coloured paint rollers

Building WordPress powered sites with SASS

Not all WordPress sites are created equal. Learn a little about how we style WordPress sites to make a high performance site that is great to maintain over time.

WordPress Performance Tuning

WordPress Performance: a checklist of things to speed up your website

Got a slow WordPress site? Get an understanding of the key areas where WordPress can be optimised to ensure fast load times for visitors.

Cloudflare CDN Network

Cloudflare CDN Network, an introduction

During 2021 we are rolling out CloudFlare’s CDN network for all of our Managed Hosting customers. This article introduces the CDN and how we use it.

WordPress Image Optimisation with ShortPixel

Speed up your WordPress site by optimising your images with ShortPixel. This short tutorial steps you through this easy to use tool.

Optimising images for WordPress websites

We’re going back to basics for this tutorial. Learn how to setup an image for display on your site. And why this is central to the performance of your WordPress website.

Improve WordPress Performance by optimising images

Need to optimise to improve your WordPress performance? We find that starting with images will usually give you a speed boost. In this article we take a look at the problem and how to get started.

WordPress hosting; time to add a CDN?

In this post I discuss the basics of content distribution networks and how they can be used with your WordPress hosting to vastly improve performance. Clients using our managed WordPress hosting can now benefit from CDN technology.