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We regularly write about SEO, here you’ll find an archive of juicy content to help you improve the search engine optimisation for your WordPress site.

structured data - WordPress SEO

Enhancing your SEO with JSON-ld

Embedding JSON-LD structured data on your WordPress website can improve your SEO and visibility in search results. It provides search engines with a better understanding of your website’s content and context, resulting in improved search engine rankings.

Schema meta data: an introduction and how it benefits your WordPress website

SEO changes like the wind. In this article get yourself up to speed on how Google is extracting information from websites, to help it understand what your content is about. Schema meta data (sounds nerdy!) is worth understanding and implementing on all WordPress sites.

Meta descriptions: for better SEO and more traffic to your site

Give your WordPress site a boost by writing Meta Descriptions for your content. In this article we explain what they are and how they’re used.

WordPress SEO: On Page Optimisation Cheat Sheet

Want to improve the SEO for your WordPress site? Try our 1 page cheat sheet. Keep it handy as you work on your WordPress site to ensure you have all the SEO building blocks in place.

HTTPs for WordPress: 2 reasons why you need to encrypt now

If you’re following the transition of websites from HTTP to the secure HTTPs this is a follow up to a blog post from last year. Current data shows that 50% of sites on page 1 of Google are now running under HTTPs. Get an update on HTTPs and its impact on your search optimisation.

How to add Document Titles and Meta Descriptions to your WordPress site

In this article, I’m going to show you show to add Document Titles (also known as HTML titles) and Meta Descriptions to your WordPress site. In this example, I’m going to be demonstrating this with the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s our go to plugin for managing search optimisation on WordPress sites. If you’re using another tool…

How to create a simple SEO Keyword Strategy for your WordPress site

Need to setup a simple SEO keyword strategy for your WordPress site? In this short tutorial we show you how to do just that. Grab a coffee and have a read!

WordPress SEO: Understanding the basics of search engine optimisation

This is part of our WordPress SEO Boot Camp. Aimed at business owners, marketing professionals and other responsible for website content, we explain SEO. We break down SEO into the major techniques used to enhance a web site’s performance and ranking in major search engines.

WordPress AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages? Do they benefit to your WordPress site and its rankings in major search engines? Here we introduce AMP and answers these two questions.

WordPress and SSL

Secure WordPress: the path to encryption on the web

Running a secure WordPress installation should be part of your SEO strategy. In this article we look at the advances in technology behind the secure web.

Why your website needs keyword research

In this post help you get started with a keyword strategy for your WordPress website. It’s an important first step to improve your rankings on major search engines.

Better Google rankings by optimising images for SEO

WordPress SEO tip: increase traffic to your website by optimising images as you add them to your site. It’s so simple, read our step by step guide specifically on how to do it in WordPress