Big changes coming to WordPress: Project Gutenberg

By Peter Shilling / May 4, 2018

Project Gutenberg is set to be merged into WordPress sometime during 2018. In this post we introduce you to what will become the new WordPress editor.

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New features in WordPress 4.8 you’re going to love

By Clair Gowenlock / June 7, 2017

We’re looking forward to the new media widgets in the new WordPress 4.8. Great for end users to better control video, images and text in widget areas. Check this blog post for more information and some screenshots.

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WordPress Google Analytics

Get your analytics inside your WordPress dashboard

By Peter Shilling / June 5, 2017

Our favourite Google Analytics plugin, now it’s called Monster Insights has seen lots of new features lately. We love the ability to show WordPress users Google Analytics data right inside the dashboard.

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Building Travel Websites with WordPress

By Peter Shilling / September 6, 2016

WordPress has matured into a tool that can be highly customised for a specific purpose. In this post we take a look at WordPress Travel Websites, with some recent examples of our work.

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5 Changes in WordPress 4.5 that will make your job easier

By Peter Shilling / April 13, 2016

WordPress 4.5 is set to be released very soon. In this post we have a quick summary of the new features to look out for when it drops. Don’t forget all DMA WordPress hosted clients will have this update tested and applied by our team.

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WordPress Multisite, relevant for your business?

By Peter Shilling / December 8, 2015

We use WordPress Multisite extensively in our work. In this post we cover a number of different situations where we have relied on this lessor known use of WordPress.

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Australian WordPress Hosting: we made the move

By Peter Shilling / June 21, 2015

For the past few years we have hosted a lot of our client’s WordPress sites in the U.S. Last weekend we moved into a Sydney Datacentre – the difference is amazing.

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WordPress hosting; time to add a CDN?

By Peter Shilling / March 18, 2015

In this post I discuss the basics of content distribution networks and how they can be used with your WordPress hosting to vastly improve performance. Clients using our managed WordPress hosting can now benefit from CDN technology.

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An insight into our WordPress maintenance service

By Peter Shilling / February 1, 2015

A look at why is WordPress maintenance is so important. A quick look at our monthly maintenance service, what we do and why we think it’s important for our client’s website properties.

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WordPress hosting: it needs to be as fast as you can get!

By Peter Shilling / January 12, 2015

Google in the past 2-3 years have consistently stated that page load speed is something that is very important. Here are out thoughts on speeding up your WordPress site.

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How to choose a WordPress developer or agency

By Peter Shilling / January 5, 2015

If you’re looking to hire a WordPress development company here are a few tips to help you separate the good from the bad.

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WordPress images and thumbnails: learn how to control the crop!

By Peter Shilling / February 1, 2014

We’ve added a new WordPress plugin to our tool kit, one that will help a lot of DMA users better manage how the images are being displayed in their website. Read this post for the full details.

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