New Domain Name Options for Australian Businesses

It's a few months since the big changes in the Australian domain name system. Have you registered a ".au" direct domain name? Now sure what that is? Read on!!

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In 2022, Australia expanded its domain name options for businesses and individuals. In addition to the popular “” domain, Australian businesses can now register a domain with the simple “.au” extension. This change offers businesses a new way to present themselves online and create a unique and memorable web presence.

A quick example?

Since 2007 we have used the domain name This is what’s known as a ‘’ domain name. We now have registered You can refer to this as an ‘.au’ direct domain name. (You can give it a whirl if you like, click here and, well.. you’ll end up back on our website

Let’s quickly look at the advantages of the new “.au” domain space.

Shorter domains!

The “.au” domain is shorter and more memorable than the traditional “” domain. This can make it easier for customers to find your website and remember your brand. Shorter when you’re reading it over the phone or paying for a billboard!

Improved online branding

With the new “.au” domain, you have the opportunity to create a stronger online brand by choosing a domain that is more closely aligned with your company or product name.

More choice

More strings of text are available in “.au”. “” domain names have been around for a number of years now, many simple and short strings have been already taken. There are opportunities in the newer “.au” direct space to get a domain name that closely, or exactly matches your company name, product or brand.

How to register a “.au” domain

To register a “.au” domain, you must first check its availability and then follow the standard registration process through a domain registrar. The new “.au” domain has the same eligibility requirements as the “” domain, meaning it must be acquired by a registered Australian Entity (eg a company, sole trader with an ABN etc…)

Next stop? Your preferred domain name registrar!

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