WordPress SEO: On Page Optimisation Cheat Sheet

Want to improve the SEO for your WordPress site? Try our 1 page cheat sheet. Keep it handy as you work on your WordPress site to ensure you have all the SEO building blocks in place.

WordPress SEO

In this post we’re going to share with you our 1 pager: On page SEO cheat sheet. We regularly share this with our WordPress clients who are interested in improving their SEO rankings. It’s a simple document that we recommend printing or otherwise keeping handing when you’re publishing new content in WordPress. You can then double check to ensure you’ve done everything possible to boost your SEO with every piece of new content. Ultimately that’s the way that SEO is improved, consistently publishing well written and correctly structured content.

Use the button below to grab a copy of the file, then read along to get a brief explanation of each section.

Download Our SEO cheat sheet

To help you understand each of the tips, I’ve outlined some further reading on our site to help you.

SEO Keyword Research

You need to have a basic understanding on the words and phrases that you’re looking to target when optimising your WordPress site. Review our quick tutorial How to create a simple SEO Keyword Strategy for your WordPress site. Sure there’s more complex explanations and tools out here but that will get you started.

HTML document titles & meta description

Item 1 in the cheat sheet talks about a document title. This is the title that shows at the top of your web browser, not to be confused with the onscreen heading. These are also the text that is displayed when your listing is shown on a Google search result page. Learn more about how to enter these in WordPress and how to structure them in this tutorial: How to add Document Titles and Meta Descriptions to your WordPress site.

The good and the bad of SERP listings

Your blog post content

Next up the cheat sheet talks about the content of your blog post or news story. Encouraging you to be creative, along with your text include video and images to illustrate your content and to link your content to other related material on your website. Learn more about these ideas here: How to structure your WordPress content for SEO success.

Learn more about SEO

If you’re keen to learn some more about search rankings for your WordPress site, we have a series that you can follow here on our webiste. And it’s free! Start here with WordPress SEO: Understanding the basics of search engine optimisation. You’ll find links from there to the rest of the articles in the series.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to grab a copy of the cheat sheet below.

Download Our SEO cheat sheet

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