HTTPs for WordPress: 2 reasons why you need to encrypt now

If you're following the transition of websites from HTTP to the secure HTTPs this is a follow up to a blog post from last year. Current data shows that 50% of sites on page 1 of Google are now running under HTTPs. Get an update on HTTPs and its impact on your search optimisation.

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Late last year I wrote a short article discussing SSL, HTTPs and encryption for WordPress sites. As well as a short primer on what HTTPs actually is, it also went into some background on why you should be running your WordPress site in a secure environment. SEO benefits as well as peace of mind for your users. If you’ve not read it, check it out here.

Later in that same article I also outlined how Google’s Chrome web browser was to begin warning web site visitors of insecure websites. Anywhere that a user is expected to fill in a form, enter login details, Chrome was to show an alert stating that the data they were entering was not secure. Fast forward to May 2017 and that is exactly what’s happening.

The Firefox browser follows Chorme’s example

HTTPs for WordPressChrome is now not alone. Firefox announced in January this year that it was to follow Chrome’s footsteps. It too will show users a message “Connection is Not Secure” when loading a page over regular HTTP instead of HTTPs.

Read the Firefox announcement here on their blog.

SEO benefit of HTTPs for WordPress

As well as making your web site visitors comfortable that information they enter on your site is encrypted there is also a leg up for you search engine optimisation. Again, review the original article for more background on this. What’s interesting now is some of the data that’s being reported around this., a leading authority in the world of SEO recently published findings on the impact of HTTPs. Their data shows over 50% of sites appearing on page 1 of Google search results were HTTPs sites. Read the full blog post on for more on the test results.

HTTPs for WordPress: it’s time to do it!

Yes :)

If not to give your visitor the comfort of interacting with your site securely, then for the benefit to your SEO – it’s time to action this one for your WordPress site.

We host and manage a lot of WordPress sites for our customers, we’ve been actively encouraging our clients to update to HTTPs. If you’re hosting with The DMA chat to us about migrating your site to HTTPs.

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