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WordPress Content Marketing

Unlock the power of content marketing with your WordPress blog

By belinda / September 14, 2018

Make the most of your WordPress site. Many business develop a website and stop. A sure way to fail in the competitive online space. In this article we introduce the idea of content marketing, specifically for WordPress websites.

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No company WordPress blog? Are you missing a valuable business opportunity?

By Peter Shilling / February 10, 2017

Want to get the most from the investment in your WordPress website? You should be blogging. Here’s 4 reasons why we think you should get started today.

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Content Marketing: get organised with Trello

How to use Trello to manage your WordPress Content Marketing

By Peter Shilling / January 13, 2017

Need a way to manage your content marketing efforts? Have a look at Trello, a tool that will help you collaborate and schedule your WordPress content.

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Content Marketing with WordPress

Ideas to help you publish regularly on your WordPress blog

By belinda / November 25, 2016

What to write about is a common concern for businesses looking to blog regularly. Here we suggest ideas that will breathe some life into your WordPress blog

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Fresh website content will lead to success for your WordPress site

By belinda / October 14, 2016

It’s a fact: regular fresh content on your WordPress site helps search engine optimisation and user engagement. From SEO to user engagement regular content additions to your site are a must.

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The way SEO is delivered as a service is broken

By Peter Shilling / August 30, 2016

The way that many companies deliver SEO services is a broken model. In this post we walk through an example, you might even have lived this yourself. It should not be SEO OR content marketing, we believe both strategies work together. Read on for thoughts.

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How to efficiently manage your small business blog

By Peter Shilling / July 14, 2016

WordPress blog management tips, specifically for small business or users that are time poor. In this post I’ll introduce you to the idea of setting up a publishing system around WordPress. Share your content via eMail and Social Media – get it in front of as many eye balls as possible!

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3 reasons why you should run a WordPress blog for your small business

By Peter Shilling / July 11, 2016

“You need to run a small business WordPress blog”. Advice that you hear all the time. In this article we leave the B.S. behind and get into the facts of why it’s so important. Or is it? You’ll have to read and find out!

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The two faces of Google – how to be found on search engines

By Peter Shilling / September 8, 2014

We’re often asked the question: “how do I do better on Google”. In this post I talk about 2 two pronged answer that I generally give. In short: Google Adwords and Content Marketing. Enjoy reading!

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Tips to make adding regular content to your website a breeze

By Peter Shilling / May 26, 2013

Need to optimise the time that you spend writing new content for your WordPress website? This post is for you, built around the concept of scheduling posts there are a few tips inside!

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