How to embed video into your WordPress website with oEmbed

By Peter Shilling / February 5, 2013

oEmbed in WordPress makes it easy to include videos, photos and other resources into your WordPress content. This short tutorial shows you how to embed a video into a WordPress page or post.

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What is oEmbed and how to use it in WordPress

By Peter Shilling / February 4, 2013

Learn how to embed videos, music clips and photos easily into any WordPress page or post. WordPress 3.5 supports even more oEmbeds than ever before!

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Responsive WordPress Design

By Peter Shilling / March 26, 2012

We’ve produced a number of responsive WordPress sites this year, learn why this new approach is so important

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Optimising images for search engines

By Clair Gowenlock / January 31, 2012

Some quick tips on optimising images in WordPress to boost your search engine rankings

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WordPress update 3.3

By Peter Shilling / December 14, 2011

WordPress 3.3 (Sonny) released is now available for use. We’ve installed it a few times already and have poster here quick summary of features that will be of interest to most

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WordPress, Thesis and SEO

By Peter Shilling / November 30, 2011

We have put together this ‘cheat sheet’ to help our clients remember the important things when adding content to your WordPress website or blog to aid in Search Engine Optimisation.

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Look your best on search engine result pages

By Peter Shilling / November 28, 2011

This tutorial shows you how to control the display of your web site or blog when it is found in the results of a google (or other search engine) search.

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Premium WordPress Templates

By Peter Shilling / November 17, 2011

Premium WordPress Templates can provide you with a quick, professional site. Learn how to get the most from templates, and what can and can’t be changed.

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Best Practices for Using Images in Your Blog Posts

By Clair Gowenlock / November 10, 2011

Understanding some simple best practices when using images in WordPress is important, this short post outlines some key things to remember when adding and managing images with WordPress

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Tracking analytics data through your web forms

By Peter Shilling / November 2, 2011

A user fills in a form at your web site, would you like to know how that user arrived at your site? Which search engine they used, even what they search for. Now you can.

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Mobile Ready Websites

Is your website mobile ready?

By Peter Shilling / October 17, 2011

Web traffic from mobile devices is growing faster then ever. As web site owner it’s time to have a long hard look at yours to see how it stacks up on smart phones, iPads and even TVs

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State of the Word 2011

By Clair Gowenlock / October 7, 2011

Sighting stats and information from this year’s State of the Word keynote at the San Francisco WordCamp, we have have a quick look at how Wordpress is developing since version 3.2 was released earlier in 2011

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