How to embed video into your WordPress website with oEmbed

oEmbed in WordPress makes it easy to include videos, photos and other resources into your WordPress content. This short tutorial shows you how to embed a video into a WordPress page or post.


If you missed our previous post today What is oEmbed and how to use it in WordPress, check that for a quick primer on what oEmbed is all about.

In this quick example I’m going to demonstrate how to embed a video from the popular video service Vimeo. If YouTube is your thing, this exact same process will work with videos hosted there as well.

Visit the video you’d like to use and copy the URL from the address bar of your web browser.

copy the URL from vimeo

Then paste that URL (something¬† into the editor in WordPress, making sure that the URL is on a line all by itself. Then update your post and view it and you’ll see the video (magically) embedded into your site.

I’ve done the embed here so you can see what how it turns out.

Easy huh?!

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