Tracking analytics data through your web forms

A user fills in a form at your web site, would you like to know how that user arrived at your site? Which search engine they used, even what they search for. Now you can.

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Imagine being able to understand how a user got to your web site, why they filled in your enquiry form and even how they started their journey.

Did they search for something in particular on Google? Or via a link in an email newsletter you’ve sent?

With a new WordPress plugin that we’ve created here at TheDMA you can find out this information and have it sent to you from any web form on your site. The end result for you will be, along with every form that comes from your web site, our plugin will attach this extra information that will help you understand how the user came to your web site.

You can receive information

  • showing the user’s origin; e.g. Google, Yahoo etc..
  • the search they conducted there
  • the user came in response to a mail chimp campaign
  • showing the user came from an advertisement you have on Google Adwords
  • any other advertisement or link where you’ve used the Google Analytics URL builder

Here’s how it works.

Firstly it assumes that you are using Google Analytics to track your web site statistics. The plugin hooks into the cookie data that is already being stored by Google Analytics and places the relevant data in a hidden section of any web form, so that it is passed through the form with the other data.

The result is that you receive the output of a form, for example by email, and along with the other fields (e.g. name, phone, enquiry etc.. ) you will see where the user originated from. If it was from a search engine you’ll see the search string that the user used and even if it was a natural search listing or from a PPC (Google Adwords) enquiry.

It’s currently available exclusively for our clients, although we will be releasing it more widely in the coming weeks. If you’re interested, fill in our enquiry form here or talk to us directly on 1300 871 470.

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