No company WordPress blog? Are you missing a valuable business opportunity?

Want to get the most from the investment in your WordPress website? You should be blogging. Here's 4 reasons why we think you should get started today.

Content Marketing

A WordPress powered website has the ability to achieve so much for your business. All too often business owners aren’t aware of the full potential. In every WordPress site, lurking under the hood, you have a valuable marketing resource at your fingertips. The blog.

Sure, many sites have similar types of content. The business history, information about your team, your products or services. However, it’s a blog that allows you to add new fresh content regularly to your website.

Need some convincing? Let’s quickly cover four points that will change your mind.

1. Searchability or SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

Once you have a presence on the web in the form of your website, Google will start to recognise your page content. If you’re adding regular content to your blog, Google will see this in a very positive light. Your site’s visibility for the specific search terms you are focusing on should improve and this will hopefully land you some first page rankings on your designated search terms.

2. Showcase your expertise

It’s one thing to have pages on your website detailing your services and products. It’s another to actively demonstrate to your customers that you know what you’re talking about! A company blog is a great way to achieve this. By updating customers on the latest industry developments, news, hints and tips, case studies of your latest work. There’s so many great content ideas. With an active blog you’ll be well placed to appear as experts or thought leaders in your business space.

3. Your business is current and approachable

There’s nothing more telling than landing on a company’s website and seeing their last blog post was two years ago. Potential customers will immediately assume you have nothing important to say, or you’re not the sort of business who actively engages with their clientele (even if the reality is you’ve been too busy to blog!) Blog posts needn’t be essays, in fact the average blog post is around 300 – 500 words.

4. Your company blog can act as a sales tool

A blog shouldn’t be overly sales orientated in nature. However, by pushing your latest blog news to your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or in your email newsletter, it can become a way to engage with existing clients and attract new ones. It can act as a reason to start a conversation, breed loyalty and grease the wheels for your sales staff.

What do you think? Hopefully it adds up for you and your business. If you need some more ideas on how together started, check out this post from a while back “Breathe new life into your WordPress site: start blogging

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