Ideas to help you publish regularly on your WordPress blog

What to write about is a common concern for businesses looking to blog regularly. Here we suggest ideas that will breathe some life into your WordPress blog

Content Marketing
Content Marketing with WordPress

Perhaps you already understand that regular content creation is important for your business. You appreciate it can help boost your website’s SEO rankings and improve your company’s visibility. You get all that.

What you’re finding harder to get your head around is the content, and you might be asking yourself: what do I write about?

It’s a common concern but surprisingly once you get into the habit of regularly creating content for your WordPress site, it actually gets easier.

Blogging Content Ideas

Here’s a list of some of the things you can include in your company’s blog or news section:

  • new product news
  • new client wins
  • behind the scenes / staff profiles
  • updates on the latest developments in your industry
  • comment pieces prompted by media coverage of your industry
  • industry forecasts and trends / what’s hot / what’s next

By blogging regularly, you’ll find you naturally start to identify good ideas for content as you’re doing your day to day job. You’ll see situations in a new light and start to think “hey there’s a blog post in that“.

Be sure you have a special place you can make a note of these ideas, because experience has shown us that if you don’t write them down when they occur you won’t be able to remember them later! We have written about this topic a few times here on The DMA blog, check out this post to begin with for some further reading – How to efficiently manage your small business blog. If you’re looking for even more try this one too – Tips to make adding regular content to your website a breeze.


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