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WordPress Content Marketing

Unlock the power of content marketing with your WordPress blog

By belinda / September 14, 2018

Make the most of your WordPress site. Many business develop a website and stop. A sure way to fail in the competitive online space. In this article we introduce the idea of content marketing, specifically for WordPress websites.

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How to efficiently manage your small business blog

By Peter Shilling / July 14, 2016

WordPress blog management tips, specifically for small business or users that are time poor. In this post I’ll introduce you to the idea of setting up a publishing system around WordPress. Share your content via eMail and Social Media – get it in front of as many eye balls as possible!

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Got your digital marketing strategy set for the holiday season?

By Peter Shilling / November 21, 2015

Keen for some digital marketing tips to promote your WordPress site and your business in general? Check out this post for the best resource we’ve seen this holiday season.

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Take a fresh look at Mailchimp (and your eMail marketing!)

By Peter Shilling / April 7, 2014

Mailchimp has recently updated its tools to provide better support for mobile devices and new tools for the layout eMail content, read on for more details!

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Email Marketing with MailChimp

By Clair Gowenlock / November 8, 2011

Email Marketing with MailChimp allows you to effectively communicate messages to your clients in your email database. Read this short introduction to its many features.

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Automate newsletter signups with Mailchimp & Gravity Forms

By Peter Shilling / March 15, 2011

Integration between WordPress and MailChimp is easy to do. There are a number of different methods, to get the two systems talking, our preferred is to use the Gravity Forms Plugin, read on to discover what it can do.

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