How to Embed Social Media in your WordPress pages or posts

Learn how to embed content from social networks like Twitter and Instagram into your WordPress powered website. It's easy and a great way to share relevant social conversations alongside your content.

Social Media

Adding social media content to your WordPress post or page is a great way to showcase social commentary, display testimonials or highlight something that your own channels have recently shared. You’ll see this in action in many news sites these days, as they include Tweets from famous or influential people within their content. With WordPress, it’s incredibly easy to add thanks to the oEmbed feature.

Here’s how to do it

First, go to the page or post that you want to add the social content to. In the content editor, create a new line where the inserted social content can go.

Then, go to the specific social post that you aim to embed and copy the URL from the browser. Paste it into the content area, but be sure it is not hyperlinked. If it is an Instagram post, a tweet from Twitter or content from Vine, Reddit, or YouTube, WordPress will automatically turn the URL into an embed.

If you check out the live preview in the visual editor you’ll see the social post embedded – and no further styling is needed!

Here’s an example, a tweet from us back in January that we’ve embedded here.

If this doesn’t work, or if you’re trying to embed a Facebook post, use the embed shortcode around the URL, like the example below:

[ embed] [/embed]

This is the same functionality that makes it easy for you to embed videos into your posts.

Please note that if the social content that you initially linked is deleted, it will no longer show (perhaps showing “this content has been removed by the user” copy in its place. Also, some content on social media may be visible to you, but not all users on that platform. If the user that shared the content has a privacy feature of some sort, not everyone may be able to see this content in your post or page.

To test that the content is available generally try accessing your blog post in a web browser that is not signed in to your social accounts.

 To see the latest list of social media platforms that allow for this automatic embed, visit the WordPress codex and navigate to “Okay, So What Sites Can I Embed From?

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