10 Proven Ways to Build a Website that Customers Will Love

I came across this blog post today, if you build sites or own one then it is definitely worth a read! Some really good ideas on how to maximise the return from your website

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I will admit, I read a lot of blogs – every week I would spend a deal of time browsing and consuming new posts from my favourite sites. Separating the useful facts from the rest is usually the biggest challenge but each week there are a few gems.

This one I think is so good that it’s time to share it here.

HelpScout.net provide a brilliant email support system, it’s what we use here at The DMA to manage our client support emails, they have a blog that regularly has good information on custom support, web sites etc.. this post however is one to bookmark if you build sites and if you own a site a good list of things to check out on yours.

Two points that I was most interested in:

  • The section “Incorporate Directional Cues” is really interesting, make sure you read that section
  • And! a section on the dreaded “fold” – links to more info that keeping information “above the fold” actually makes no difference at all

Go read it now!   “10 Proven Ways to Build a Website that Customers Will Love

image credit: HelpScout.net

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