WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

WordPress Multisite, relevant for your business?

We use WordPress Multisite extensively in our work. In this post we cover a number of different situations where we have relied on this lessor known use of WordPress.

Australian WordPress Hosting: we made the move

For the past few years we have hosted a lot of our client’s WordPress sites in the U.S. Last weekend we moved into a Sydney Datacentre – the difference is amazing.

WordPress hosting; time to add a CDN?

In this post I discuss the basics of content distribution networks and how they can be used with your WordPress hosting to vastly improve performance. Clients using our managed WordPress hosting can now benefit from CDN technology.

Flat design is coming to your WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress development team are aiming to have a new release 3.8 finished by mid December, it’s going to look a bit different. Check out this post for a quick preview.

WordPress hosting & maintenance notifications

For our clients who host their WordPress websites with us, we’re launching a new notification services – learn how to subscribe here