Flat design is coming to your WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress development team are aiming to have a new release 3.8 finished by mid December, it's going to look a bit different. Check out this post for a quick preview.


Our managed WordPress client’s have only recently had their sites updated to version 3.7, today the news is that WordPress 3.8 is coming soon.  The scheduled release date is December 12th.

A new WordPress Dashboard design

While many users probably did not even notice the update to 3.7 you definitely will notice the 3.8 release as the key feature in this release is a complete rework of the WordPress Dashboard. The WordPress development team have been focusing on a new design that incorporates much better responsive properties, meaning that it performs well on devices from desktop computers right down to smartphones.

Editing your WordPress site on that iPad or iPhone will be a whole lot easier right in the standard dashboard.

Everything is going flat!

If you’ve recently updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS7 you’ll know what flat design is all about.

iOS flat design

Seems like everything tech is loosing weight at the moment and the WordPress Dashboard is going to go the same way with the update to 3.8.


As with most releases, 3.8 has a lot of issues resolved, most are under the hood but one other that users will definitely notice is the improvements in the widget area.

Picture below, the new widget area aims to make the control of WordPress widgets a lot easier.


We’ll be notifying our managed clients here on our blog before conducting the update to 3.8 to ensure you know that is happening to your websites.

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