Google Analytics

Learn valuable Google Analytics agency tips through our blogs. Understand the 3 basic vital signs of your web site statistics and learn how to improve it.

WordPress Google Analytics

Get your analytics inside your WordPress dashboard

Our favourite Google Analytics plugin, now it’s called Monster Insights has seen lots of new features lately. We love the ability to show WordPress users Google Analytics data right inside the dashboard.

Google Analytics 4 Migration

In this article we look at the migration to Google Analytics 4. Specifically how we’re going to be helping our clients make the move.

How to create a QR code that’s trackable in Google Analytics

Learn how to create a QR code and track it in Google Analytics.

Content grouping in Google Analytics

In this article, we explain how to get content grouping in Google Analytics up and running. Then how to use the new grouping filters in the GA interface.

Google Analytics Goals

WordPress and Google Analytics: getting started with goals

Get started with goals in Google Analytics. In this blog post there’s a quick explanation as to what they are, then a step by step guide to build your first goal.

Tracking marketing data with WordPress

Learn what campaign tracking is and why you should be interested in it. Then read our full tutorial that will get you all the know how to use the concept for your WordPress site.

WordPress homework for the Christmas holidays

We have published a lot of material this year to help out clients get more from their WordPress websites. Chances are you’ve not had time to read and act on it all so here’s some homework for you, to fill all of that spare time over the holidays!

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Where are my Google keywords?

If you’re actively trying to increase your WordPress site’s visibility on search engines like Google you’ll need to track which keywords are working for you. How you do this has recently changed.

Your WordPress website – is it working for you?

Every week there is new report or set of analysis that demonstrate that online commerce is growing, as a website owner you should be thinking “How much of that am I seeing”? Read on for some opinions….

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Google Analytics Benchmarking

Benchmark your web site against thousands of other web sites, understand the 3 basic vital signs of your web site statistics and how you stack up.

Analytics Data

Web Site Statistics: Do your users slip out the side door?

Understanding exit pages: this is where a client leaves your web site and can hold the key to understanding why your site is under performing

Analytics Data

Web Site Statistics: Traffic Sources

Understand where your web site traffic is coming from is key to learning what is working and what is not, get to grips with the basics here