Why blog on your business website?

A look at the value in regular blogging on your business web site, both for SEO and customer interaction

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At TheDMA we encourage all of our clients to maintain a blog on their website as part of the business online marketing strategy. There are many benefits that enable you to create more opportunities, generate interest and increase income for your business.

Outlined below are some core reasons why an on going blogging strategy should be implemented on your website.

Blogging for SEO

Maintaining a blog allows you to regularly update  your website with fresh content which is indexed by the search engines. To enable your website to rank well on the search engines, it needs to have an abundance of freshly added content.

Each time you add a post, you increase the amount of content in your site. The more posts you have containing targeted and relevant keywords, along with fresh and up to date information, the more chance you have of ranking higher.

Establish Leadership Authority

A blog allows you to develop a voice for your business and gives you a way to share your experience. Sharing tips or advice and giving insight into the use of your products provides a way to let consumers know that you are a leader or expert in your field.

Blogs are a great way to speak to clients and customers and give them information beyond what is posted on your business website.

Blog Stucture

Often, you would like to keep your business website simple – a few pages describing what you do and how you do it. A blog provides a perfect arena to put all of the other information on your site without cluttering your main website pages.

Blogs give you the opportunity to organise the related information that may not be fully integrated into your existing website pages into organised categories, and archives. Adding a link from your website navigation to your blog will neatly place that information on your site for visitors to peruse.

Engage your Audiences

A business blog often tends to be more informal than the rest of the website. This can provide a great opportunity to engage potential customers and larger audiences through blog comments and links, allowing you to speak directly to your target audience.

Blogs are an affordable way to attract new users to your business website. A business can reach thousands and even millions of people through a blog creating new leads and opportunities for your business.

It takes time, a commitment and worthy material. You need to post regularly, provide information that’s valuable to your readers, and be willing to interact with and learn from your audience, and hence marketing your business more effectively as a result.

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