How safe is your password?

Login to your web site with a simple to remember password? Make sure it isn't simple for hackers to break as well! Check out this quick tool to check how strong your passwords are.

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It goes with the territory of building WordPress sites that we often are making user accounts for clients to access and manage their WordPress website.

When doing this we always create a strong password (something like: Jfgi44$2@FDhdheo9SWhfewg ) almost without fail though it gets a reaction – “What is that?”.

WordPress like any other online system is susceptible to password break-ins, weak passwords mean that it is easy for a hacker to break the password and gain access to the site. While we do install of lot of other measures to keep our WordPress sites secure, if the passwords used by users are not strong then it’s only a matter of time before problems arise.

This week, we came across this cool tool “How Secure is my Password” – – basically you enter a password and it gives you an estimate of how long a normal PC would take to break the password.

It’s a bit of an eye opener! Think about updating your password to being something a little stronger!

2 quick tips

  1. Your password doesn’t have to be A word, if it’s easier use a sentence eg thegreenfroghas27Spots – pretty easy to remember and a relatively solid password
  2. Try a password manager on your computer, there are a lot of them available now and some have smartphone apps that mean you can take your passwords with you and sync them eg (Mac and Windows)

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