How secure is your password?

How secure is the password you use to access online accounts, like WordPress, your banking or social media sites?

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Regardless if it’s access to your WordPress web site, your online banking or social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, allowing others easy passage to your personal data is not a good idea.

Still however, passwords that many people use are not what they should be.

All too often I see friends or clients using a password that is their last name, the street they live on or something equally simple.

So when I came across this password tool online today, I thought I would share it so you can test some of the passwords that you use to see how hackable they are.

Before you head off to the link, consider these quick tips when thinking about password:

  • Use a password manager on your computer (e.g. 1Password)
  • If you want something you can remember make it a whole sentence not just one or two words
  • Consider changing password regularly, much easier if you user a password manager
So follow this link and have go entering some of the passwords you regularly use.

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