Google Authorship: a solution for WordPress

We've released a new WordPress plugin to help you integrate your Google Profile and your WordPress website.

Digital Marketing

We regularly talk to our customers about search engine rankings and how to obtain a better position for their web sites.

One clear advantage that we all have is that our sites are built on WordPress. With its clean URLs, SEO tools and clean HTML output it provides an excellent framework for your website giving it a good chance to rank well.

But we all know the goal posts move regularly in the digital world so you’ve got to be on top of the latest developments to ensure that your website keeps up.

Google Authorship

Earlier this year Google introduced “Google Authorship” a new system where you as the content owner can claim the content that you add to your web site. Then Google will list you as the author of that content when the pages in question show up on search engine result pages. You’ve probably seen this already in your day to day usage of Google, the screen shot here shows you what it looks like. Jon’s recent post on search engine optimisation is displayed with his Google avatar and profile link.

A solution for WordPress

We’ve recently written a WordPress add on that’s been released as an open source plugin that makes the whole process easy – Google Author Link.

If you’re on our WordPress maintenance program and have a Google Profile setup contact us and we’ll install and setup the plugin next time we do maintenance for you.

Non maintenance clients, we’re happy to help you too! For a small charge our team can setup the plugin on your site for you and walk you through its use.

The benefits

Well as with anything relating to the Google search rankings they don’t give too much away. Certainly the consensus is that claiming your content in this way does improve your rankings. So keep up to date with SEO tips like those in Jon’s recent post here, claim your content with Google Authorship and hopefully rise to the top!

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