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Did you know that WordPress has a number of smartphone apps that allow you to add and manage content on your WordPress site? Read on to learn how to use them


Ever have the need to post something to your WordPress site when you weren’t in front of your computer? Perhaps fire off a quick blog post or upload a new image that you’ve just taken.

Did you know that you can access your WordPress powered website from your smartphone?

Well you can and here’s how!

WordPress for iOS – (iPhone or iPad)

There is an official WordPress mobile app that works on all iOS devices (yes there are official apps for other phones too, see the links at the bottom of this post). It has certainly matured in the past few releases to be a handy little app.

WordPress-post-screenSure you can’t do everything that you can in the web interface but that’s not the point. These mobile apps are built so when you’re out and about you can quickly add a new post or photo.

There’s a post editor that is very much cut down from what you’re used to in the web interface. Just looking at the screen shot opposite you’ll get the idea of what is going on: Post Title, Tags, Categories and your main post content.

Pretty easy? Yes it is.

Look down the bottom of this screen shot and there is options to add images to the post, either from your iPhone camera roll or just take a picture as you’re creating the post and include it.

The latest version of the iOS app also supports video in much the same way. Couple this with the update to WordPress 3.6 and you can publish video directly from your iPhone to your WordPress site – it really is that simple!

Getting started with WordPress mobile

It is not very difficult to setup. You need to install the app for your smartphone then the first time you run it you’ll be presented with a walk through to setup your WordPress site.

Basically you tell it your URL, username and password and the rest is configured for you.

Play with the app for a few minutes and you’ll find it really is self explanatory.

More than just new posts?

WordPress mobile commentsThere is a couple of other tools that are worth considering.

On WordPress sites where the commenting is very busy the mobile app steps in to help you out. In fact this is something that the app excels at.

If you get regular comments on your site that you’d like to review, moderate or reply to, just pull out your phone fire up the app and start managing your comments.

Where to get WordPress mobile

If you have an iPhone or iPad then the Apple app store on that device is the place to go, search for WordPress and you’ll find it.

For other smartphones (eg Android, Blackberry, Microsoft etc..) check out this section of

If you get stuck at all contact us and we’ll give you some help.

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