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If you are planning to advertise your business online to drive traffic to your web site, it pays to enlist the services of a recognised Google search specialist. Read more about Google certification in this post.

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Google Adwords is a great way to advertise your product or service. AdWords are the short ads that appear on the Google Search Results Page at the top and right hand side. These are triggered based on the search terms the person has entered. This ensures that the your ads are relevant to the searcher. In effect, you are advertising to people who are looking for you!


The successful AdWords campaign has many components, from finding appropriate keywords, writing ad copy and setting up conversion and tracking. Navigating this complex advertising program and entails many kinds of tweaking and analysis to deliver a long term success. In a competitive and sometimes misunderstood market it is often hard to distinguish a well qualified partner rather than a backyard consultant claiming they know Google AdWords, or worse yet a bucket shop that fails to understand your business or your objectives.

If you are planning to use AdWords to advertise your business online to drive traffic to your web site, it pays to enlist the services of a recognised Google search specialist. A qualified Google AdWords campaign manager is recognised by Google as part of their Adwords Certification Program.

Google qualification ensures:

  • Knowledgeable and practical application of the latest Google AdWords tools and techniques
  • Specialist knowledge through advanced exams covering search advertising, display advertising, statistical reporting & analysis benchmarking
  • An internationally recognised accreditation Certificate for proficiency of AdWords management and best practice techniques
  • Ability to effectively manage Google Adwords campaigns and marketing budgets for clientele

In addition to individual Certification, Google also certifies companies. To be a Google Certified Partner, you have to have an individual qualified, and you also have to manage over $10,000 in AdWord Spend over a three month period. This volume of AdWord management represents a level of experience and scale not all AdWord companies achieve.

TheDMA is one of the few google Certified Companies in Australia who also offer a complete digital marketing service. The benefits for your business arise from a holistic view of your AdWords. We consider your website content, conversion activities (sales and leads) are all maximised. Additionally, we often take information we learn from AdWord campaigns and use this to leverage our organic Search Engine Optimisation activities with clients. As a bonus, TheDMA receives a number of AdWords credit coupons each quarter and will apply these to your account if available.

TheDMA’s in house search specialist, Jon Tinberg, has been managing Google AdWord campaigns since 2004, and successfully completed the Individual Certification Program and the company Certification Program.


Click here to view Jon Tinberg’s Google Search Advertising Certificate for passing the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam and Search Advertising Advanced exam. Demonstrating a high level of proficiency in AdWords, Jon achieves attainable and measurable results for your business, helping you gain website visitors relevant to your target market.

TheDMA can assist you with:

  • Initial set-up of new campaigns
  • Review of existing campaigns
  • Optimising campaigns and landing pages
  • Review campaigns quarterly or semi-annually

If you would like to see how Google Adwords can help your business and drive quality traffic to your web site, call 1300 871 470 or enquire here, speak with Jon, he would be delighted to discuss your online marketing goals with you.

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