More than just WordPress Developers?

It's the new year and time to set down some goals to make the year a successful one. Like many we've spent some time over the break doing just this and committed the thoughts to a blog post.


2013 was a big year at The DMA, we built a lot of websites and have done a lot of “phase 2” style work on older sites as well (ok and some phase 3,4 and 5 add well)!

Like most this time of year brings thoughts of what next, looking forward to the next year, things you’d like to do more of, better or differently.

I’m really lucky, I love what I do.

Working on websites has always been more than just the words on the page and a few pictures to illustrate them. It’s about getting involved in other people’s businesses and other peoples dreams, trying to make them happen. It’s more than just the website, it’s the marketing that goes on afterwards, the strategy, looking at the success of the the website – what could be done to improve things…

The best projects that we work on are the ones that we get to work on over time, paying a role not just for the build of the site but well after the site has launched.

It’s not always successful, it can’t always be.

Sometimes projects get launched and then they stagnate, before suffering a slow death. It can be really hard sometimes to watch what was a great site or concept not reach its full potential but at the end of the day our role is only one side in the partnership. Our client, the project lead or the business owner needs to be passionate about the project too, willing to invest in it over time.

This will certainly be something that we can take forward to 2014. We are in the enviable situation where we don’t have to take every project that lands on our desk. Evaluating a project and working on the ones that where we can be successful and provide a brilliant outcome for our client will be a key focus in 2014.

Sure we’ll be sticking to our knitting; building WordPress websites but the key to all of this is building successful websites. Understanding what success should look like and striving for this.

This calls for more than just a team of developers and designers. This means we need to understand the business or project and be involved not just in the development side of things but keep a keen eye on how the project is measuring up against its goals.

Challenge accepted!

Looking forward to 2014 and the projects that will be delivered.

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