Australian online marketing trends – 2011

A general round up of social media and online marketing usage in Australia

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The state of the internet has come a long way and in 2011, online marketing trends are constantly changing.

With the increasing popularity of mobile internet usage, online video, social media such as Twitter and Facebook and the increasing popularity of WordPress (a blogging platform) it is apparent that these these tools make a huge impact on business and personal communication.

Mobile Internet Usage

Today, the internet has become more of a necessity, with the convenience of online banking, shopping and communication. Nearly half of Australians own a mobile phone with internet capability. The most popular way people use their mobile phone is to conduct searches, and 35% of the market share goes to Nokia phones, with 28% going to the Apple iPhone.

The most popular mobile social networking done by Australians is Facebook, which is 98% of users, followed by Twitter at 20%, and MySpace at 17%. Because so many Australians use their mobile phones to browse the internet, online marketing through this avenue should not be overlooked. Mobile internet usage is only increasing, and will likely rise in numbers very quickly.


Online Video

In Australia, online video is a way for people to be informed about news as well as a form of entertainment. Therefore, the importance of using online video in marketing is ideal to promote a business or specific campaign.

According to a press release on PRNewsWire, internet users in Australia watched a total of 961 million online videos, with Google Sites ranking as the top video property with 503 million videos viewed, representing 52.4% market share. accounted for more than 99 percent of all videos viewed at the Google property. Microsoft Sites ranked second with 33.2 million videos (3.5 percent market share), followed by with 13.5 million videos viewed (1.4 percent market share). The average view of videos viewed monthly were 8 hours of video, with more males viewing videos than females. The age group of these viewers were between the 15-24 and 25-34 age bracket, making it apparent that video is a vital part of engaging with and promoting business.


Twitter Usage

As far as Twitter usage goes, has 1.1 million unique Australia visitors each, with an increase by 100,000 since January 2011. This shows that Twitter is a popular social networking channel, with potential to grow with more users. Developing marketing strategies and campaigns on Twitter is definitely something for business owners to think about.


Businesses actively using Facebook

According to SocialBakers, Australia is ranked 16 in the amount of Facebook users with about 10,035,700 users. With this many Australian visitors to the Facebook site every month, users are more likely to view Facebook business pages.

Businesses surveyed by MYOB Business Monitor revealed that only 18% of business owners used social media like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace or Twitter to promote their business. This low percentage, compared to the amount of people logging onto Facebook shows that businesses can really benefit from promoting their businesses using Facebook, as well as other social media sites.

Current businesses that have created Facebook pages are international brands, such as Coca-Cola, Pringles, Toyota and KFC. Since any business can create a Facebook page, there is no better time than now to do so.


WordPress popularity

WordPress has increased in popularity, with many top sites using the self-hosted version. Because of it’s flexibility with plugins and themes, as well as ease of use, many people are moving away from the typical HTML website and using a CMS platform. WordPress has been the most popular self-hosted blog compared to others such as Drupal, Expression Engine and Blogger. According to Technorati 2010 State of the Blogosphere, WordPress has a commanding 40% market share of all blogging/site platforms.

Source: WordPress Popularity

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