August 12 round up!

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Made with MailChimp

This newsletter is coming to you from mailchimp, the same tool that we use for many client projects to manage and send email newsletters. Not only that but it’s been created solely on an iPad.

There’s a reason I’m telling you this.

September last year I wrote a post about the new mailchimp iPad app and since then have been using it a lot. The main reason for this is that during the week we are so busy at the moment that a lot of work on our own website and marketing gets done on on the weekend – on the lounge!

The point being tools like this enable you to do your marketing whereever you are.

Take a bus trip to work? There’s a newsletter a week just there!

Content Marketing for the uninitiated

Last week on the DMA blog this was the topic for the weekly post.

The idea was to introduce content marketing to those who are not yet familiar with the term. It’s a practice that’s gaining popularity and something that you’ll be reading more about from us.

If you’re interested in getting better SEO results for your site, engaging more with your audience and promoting yourself as a leader in your industry – check out Content Marketing for the uninitiated.

Thoughts from WordCamp Auckland

Some of the DMA team attended the recent WordCamp in Auckland.

WordCamps are held all over the world and bring together users, developers and lovers of WordPress. Auckland was a good day with a wide selection of sessions that did well to cater for the different segments of the audience.

One of my favourite sessions was presented by Bill Bennet, a Kiwi journalist who had some simple but well thought our tips for writing on your blog.

Read some of Bill’s tips here and more about WordCamp Auckland.

WordPress and SEO webinar

In June we ran another session of this popular webinar. At the time we promised to make the recording available on our blog. We’re going to post it in 2 separate videos as it was over an hour in length.

The first installment which focuses on where to place your keywords in your WordPress pages and posts is now available. Check out the blog post here to watch and review the presentation.

Enjoy the rest of hump day and have a great week!


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