Football Competition Portal

Football NSW
Project overview

Dribl API integration

Early in 2022 we launched a new competition portal for Football NSW.

Our WordPress powered system connects to Dribl, a world leading Football management application to synchronise and display all the data for key Football NSW competitions. The system works to automatically pull down data as games are scheduled and played, results rolling in day and night!

WordPress is (as always!) at the core of this system, although in this project there is _a lot_ of customisation within to make it all come together.

The main competition portal, at its peak serves around 100k page views a day. Football fans are a clicky bunch that love to get instant data.

As well as the main competition portal later in 2022 we launched another instance of the system to mange the fixtures and results for the  NSW Futsal competition.



WordPress powering API data

Leveraging WordPress’ core functionally we have build a number of custom tools to ‘chat’ to the Dribl API. Day and night we test and synchronise data, ingesting it into WordPress ready to be displayed. There is a lot of data to be stored and displayed, we have created a custom caching system that stores frequently access data directly from WordPress.

Ensuring that a system like this runs quickly is very important and not a simple task. Much of the front end of this system is powered by Javascript to ensure it’s lightening fast for the end user. Switching between teams or even seasons is super quick and often dynamically generate rather than relying on page loads.

Our front end interfaces are highly customised for the device viewing the system. View it on a traditional computer and you have a beautiful widescreen view. On a mobile phone, all of the data is still available to you but it’s laid out for the small screen format of a phone.