A leading Sydney Architect

Anderson Architecture is a modern, speed focused WordPress website built by The DMA team. Launched in October 2019.

Anderson Architecture
Project overview

A showcase for architectural projects

Anderson Architecture, a local Sydney firm specialising in the design of sustainable, high quality residential projects, approached our team in 2019 to look over their website. It was already built in WordPress but was performing poorly. Slow page loading, images not being optimised and hosting that was not ideal, all worked together to create a less than stellar experience.

We opted to rebuild the site, giving us an opportunity to have it running on a modern codebase and a chance to reimagine the way the client’s work was presented.

With a focus on the amazing images supplied by the client we presented a site that is clean and simple to use. Presenting each architectural project with a story telling mindset makes it easy for a visitor to get a feel for the firm’s capabilities.