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Is your web site looking its best?

It’s true, the web browser wars of the late 90’s are over but it doesn’t mean as a web developer or a web site owner that it is time to be complacent. When said ‘wars’ were still running hot it was hard work for web developers. Trying to make your site look good in Internet…

Web Site Statistics: Are your users coming via the front door?

Learn more about Web Site Statistic.
This instalment discusses Entry Pages – How users enter your web site.

Automate newsletter signups with Mailchimp & Gravity Forms

Integration between WordPress and MailChimp is easy to do. There are a number of different methods, to get the two systems talking, our preferred is to use the Gravity Forms Plugin, read on to discover what it can do.

Analytics Data

Web Site Statistics: Understand Your Site’s Performance

This post is the first in a series to help web site owner understand and use web site statistics.

Will the Google changes affect your site ?

Google is well known for constantly, and secretly, making tweaks to the algorithm that returns the page of search engine results. This algorithm analyses the text you have entered, looks at the keywords, and returns a page of content (and paid advertisements from Google AdWords).  They make these changes to return the best quality search results…

What Can Social Media Do For Your Business?

There is so much talk about social media in the business world. Whether you are on Facebook or keeping your ears on the tweets within your network, or keeping an eye on your favourite Youtube channel, social media is making waves all over the internet. Big brands like Coca Cola, Starbucks, Zappos are investing a…

Facebook Logo

How to Tag Your Friends on Facebook

This short tutorial get you started with Facebook Tags. Learn how to use this new feature to bring more interaction to your Facebook Posts.

Google Places: Have you claimed your business listing?

Google Places is relatively new, read here more about this new google tool and how it effects your business.

Facebook Places vs Foursquare

  Facebook Places arrived for Australian users on 30 September, with an up-dated iPhone and mobile website. While it may be dismissed as a Foursquare copy – there are some similarities and differences, which I’ll consider from the point of view of a restaurant or pub (bar) manager when considering how you can leverage these…

“You can’t steer a parked car!”

I was at a business breakfast last week that included 2 speakers, one an author that was very interesting to listen to and one a politician – enough said. The author was doing a quick “how I got to where I am” rundown and it was an interesting tale, one of the statements that he…

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Facebook – first principles

I was at the Bayview Tavern in Gladesville last week, and noticed that they were promoting themselves as being on Facebook.  As this is my local, I thought I would check it out … and with professional and personal curiosity I went to their website to check it out. Got to their site – and…


Using Social Media to market your hospitality venue is all about conversations, and reaching your patrons where they are (in the on-line world). The current Australian federal election is highlighting how hard it is to create conversations with your audience. Both Labour and the Coalition have been accused of using Twitter and Facebook to broadcast…