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February: keeping up to date

If there’s one sure thing about working in this industry is that it changes _all_ of the time, to keep up with all things new I tend to read a lot of blogs. Here are some of the interesting things that I’ve found online this month, each of them a good relevant read for anyone that uses Internet Marketing for their business.

Facebook Pages.

More and more companies and brands are investing in a presence on Facebook. There has been a number of changes recently to what you can do with your company’s page.

This recent post on Mashable is a great resource on how to develop a great looking page and is well worth the read – remember if you need help with this, we are just a phone call away!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This ever changing topic is always not far from our minds, I came across this post from Neil Patel that talks about 5 common mistakes people make on their web sites that harm your search rankings, it’s a good read.

2D Codes

Now this one really will be a bit new for you. Like me you probably don’t even know what a 2D Code is. This post on Mashable from the weekend describes what is a new and growing trend to use the bar code like symbols in your marketing.

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Peter has been actively involved in the IT and domain name industries since 1995. During this time, he has been the founder or co-founder of a number of online businesses and completed a number of mergers and acquisitions. Read his full profile here

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